Sins of a Forgotten Past

Session #1

In the beginning...

A few notable things happened for us this session. I’ve notated the keynotes below.

  • Everyone made their characters using either the classic pen and paper method or, w/ Mike’s willingness, Lone Wolf Developments “Hero Lab”. A lot of folks even started to work on their character backgrounds while others finished the creation of their characters.
  • A “sample” adventure was presented, so the PCs could get a quick understanding of combat, intellectual decisions, and etc.
  • A total of three riddles, two monsters – a Gelatinous Cube and a Mimic, gave the party an understanding of what they could and could not handle. The Mimic itself was stick handful for the party as it alone brought down two PCs. The Gelatinous Cube on the other hand only killed a poor Viper Familiar.
  • Overall lesson learned by the group? Never trust an old retired prostitute that says there is treasure stashed in an abandoned building somewhere.




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