Sins of a Forgotten Past

Session #3

"I Got Occult Problems..."

This event was a bit of a fist-clencher:

  • The party brought the two remaining children from the sub-basement of the old farmhouse, hog-tied them, placed a upturned table in front of them – blocking them in a corner, and then proceeding to have the Rogue’s Riding Dog guard them.
  • As the PCs descended back down into the sub-basement two of the adventurer’s – the Rogue and Wizard, finally decided to investigate the deceased body at the bottom of the well outside. W/out much of a problem they retrieved a slew of items and returned to the depths of the sub-basement below to share their new-found wealth. (Albeit, a few items shorter than what they actually found.)
  • W/out much further hesitation the party did not waste any time scurrying to the rear of the sub-basement after hearing a group of people chanting. They proceeded to beat down the door and came upon several kneeling, as if praying, figures and one humanoid sacrificing what turned out to be a small Human female at the base of a rather large goat-like humanoid statue.
  • After a very, very long battle the PCs were badly injured, but not a single deceased amongst them and their enemies lay dead before them. As they felt they were late for the funeral they were to attend no further searching was had even though several closed doors remained. The party gathered together the small Human children that were now there captives – the Orc scaring them senseless, so they would cooperate.
  • As we left our party they were within arms length of the entrance to the town of Ravengro; stay tuned.



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Session #3

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