Sins of a Forgotten Past

Session #2

"This Old House..."

Well, quite a lot happened during Session #2 – Makeup. A few things to note, and remember, as well:

  • Traveling along via carriage four of the established PCs were ambushed by bolt fire from the woods. In the attack the driver was hit twice w/ ammunition which caused the carriage to run off the road, topple, and completely flip upside down causing injuries to several all while a PC riding a dog watched in horror.
  • After recovering from the attack the PCs not only pinpointed the location of the hidden attacker, to an extent, but managed to take down, if not almost kill, the newly introduced PCs they passed in the carriage not only moments before the attack/accident. I think the overall lesson here is, even if you didn’t see the attack happen from so far away, make yourself known as wanting to help, so you don’t get shot… Multiple times.
  • As the party calmed down one of the new members, along w/ another PC’s help, found tracks which led to a small clearing containing a small rundown farmhouse and a well. Along the backside of the house the PCs tied off a set of storm doors leading down into what can only be assumed to be a cellar of some sort. As they proceeded to not only find, but started to go down a ladder found inside of the old shack (that was already opened and technically no real secret) a bored PC looked deep into the well to spot what appeared to be a dead body. However, after a slight inspection of the well by all the PCs the PCs decided to continue down the ladder and into the dreary tightly packed dirt tunnels below.
  • In the tunnels, held together by wooden planks for support, the PCs battled what appeared to be Undead, bashed through a few barrels, and stepped on a few traps. One PC got smart, regarding the traps, and attempted to block the traps’ arrow w/ a barrel stacked on another barrel… That would have worked, if the arrow came from that direction. Soon after the PCs entered a room w/ shelving and jars containing misc. body parts in an unknown liquid.
  • At this point the adventure takes a horrible turn. Stepping quietly into a room one PC watched as what appeared to be small humanoids slept in their bedrolls, heads covered from the damp and musky air. W/out waiting the PC chose to perform a coup de grĂ¢ce on his sleeping adversary. A total of six sleeping foes in the room and four of them were taken down by the party quietly while they slept. It wasn’t until after someone thought to move the bedrolls’ blanket did they quickly realize that they were Human children wearing tattered clothing. W/ one unconscious child and another in an unknown state, but “stabilized”, the PCs decided to head back to the surface to access their new-found problems w/ their subdued prey.

And this is where we stand… A few doors still locked, a few “innocent” children killed… All in a days’ work for a party of starting adventurers!

And this Sunday we continue onward w/ our amazing nightmare! Stay tuned!



They were skeletons. I believe that is what you said and I see that as character knowledge. It’s a standing pile of bones we may not know how to specifically kill it but we know it’s a skeleton cause well that’s what it looks like lol

Session #2

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